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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shear genius

Mark off another milestone...Baby Bug is a new man.

He had his first 'official' haircut at
Snip-Its this weekend. Geesh, the kid is a champ! Maybe it had something to do with the puffs I fed him throughout his scissor date or perhaps it was the breakneck swiftness with which our stylist performed the hair removal. Either way, he acted like it was his 25th visit to the chair/bumbo seat. It's a good thing, with the genes this child has, he will be up to 25 visits in no time.

Snip-Its was awesome too. The perfect environment for a first haircut. With kids & bright colors all around, Riley was in sensory-overload nirvana.

Here are some pictures and a video of a funny moment...a clip, if you will. Groan.


Anonymous said...

Riley is such a GOOD BOY!!! I like his wiggly arms in the chair!!! Even his 7-year old cousin cries in the hot seat! (okay, so she has a massive amount of hair and a much-sensitive head!) Congrats to Ri-guy's first haircut!!! ~JEL

Susan said...

omg! how cute is that video!!!

Riley did awesome for a first haircut. Zak HATED his.

He is so unaffected...so cool. he's just chillin' in the chair like, "whatever".

And his new do is very handsome.